The Guide Robot for Hospital Environment

Getting in touch with a guide robot is a near future and there has never been a greater pressure to ensure the guiding process optimization. From the hospital point of view, identifying the less busy pathways in emergency room tends to decrease the time between doctor visits and speed up the patient arrival. The aim is decreasing the waiting lists and optimize the healthcare system.

Tools that allow an informed interaction between parts involved – doctors and patient – by integrating real-time status information can improve the hospital relationship.
Nando was conceived to try to meet some of these needs. The project consists on the development and implementation of a guiding robot that could be a mascot to be followed by the patients and by a superior order can change the route or the destination throw a change of environmental variables. Proceeding to an adjust of route and interacting with the patient in real-time will make the guidance process much more comfortable and dedicated.

The idea of implementing a non-invasive robot is critical and to support this idea all the environment variables are filtered and linked to a decision.
The hospital infra-structure is totally wireless covered the robot will use the wireless antennas to communicate to a real-time platform and to calibrate the robot position in the robot’s referential map.

The results of this project will provide a tool for the hospital medical doctors know the patient location in the hospital disposition. The robot operating system will be linked to the Hospital Information System that offers the patient information and make the robot interact and select the route.
Depending on the day by day route supported by the robot sensors it will learn throw a probabilistic decision the fastest or the shortest route to the destination, decreasing the doctor’s time between visits and optimise the delay from onset of symptoms to hospital arrival.



Tiago Vardasca

Tiago Vardasca


Health Robotics and mobile Human Interface Devices.

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